Maoist Struggle Sessions Come To Reddit

     Communist China under Mao Zedong outed dissenters and class enemies via Red Guard units who forced said class enemies to humiliate themselves by admitted alleged crime of expressing counterrevolutionary thinking. We’ve seen this happen within government bureaucracy, national laboratories, and public schools. It is then not surprising to see this happen with Reddit—but not just within the company but also mandating struggle sessions with its users.

     And this was allowed to happen seven years ago, back when Reddit as a whole still allowed other subreddits to have their own moderation standards, but with the increased banning of unwoke subreddits and growing uniformity of woke-think, it’ll only be a matter of time before anyone who dares utter anything insufficiently woke will be shamed, humiliated, and forced to recant and grovel or else not only be purged by Reddit, but likely from other woke social media companies as well.

Meanwhile, at Reddit.

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