Racial Struggle Sessions In Nevada Schools

     A “White-presenting” student, and not even a student who unequivocally White, was humiliated and denigrated for his “Whiteness” amongst a Nevada class of otherwise non-White students, including requirements that he admit his “privilege” and how he, and he alone in the class, benefits from oppression.   Thankfully, good people are standing up against this, and have filed a lawsuit, with a request for an emergency motion for preliminary injunction.

     The school authorities, and those behind this, gave a rather pathetic response. The lawyers for the victim of the schools racial animus “destroyed”, as the kids now-a-days say, the school’s arguments in a reply.

     It beatdown just gets worse from here.

     Much worse.

     A preliminary court order hase been released in the victims favor.

Pictured: A Nevada Schoolroom.

     However, this is not victory, just the beginning of the fight for real racial equality.

     The full documents can be found here or read below.

Schoolhouserights Org Nevad… by ThePoliticalHat

Schoolhouserights Org Emerg… by ThePoliticalHat

Schoolhouserights Org Reply… by ThePoliticalHat

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