Aktion T4 Comes To Australia… And Beyond

Death, Rx

     Few people realize that the drive for purity and collective health started in Germany with “Aktion T4” which sought to ride society of the handicapped.   Eugenics began as a Progressive obsession, and despite it’s Nazi connotation, has been the hallmark of socialist medicine.   The compulsion of euthanizing the disables has most recently come to Australia, with clear desires to emulate the Nazis in their quest to rid themselves of the lesser humans….

     Your humble author usually lists all the tweets in a thread, but it ought to be noted that this particular thread of truth is far too much to be contained in a mere article with pictures of tweets here. It contains too much truth to summarize in even a lengthy blog post.

     Please, read and learn. ‘Tis but a prologue to what comes next. ‘Tis but a prologue to something far worse than has ever come before.

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