Rhode Island To Children: Orgasms Are Awesome!

     Why waste time failing to teach children how to read, write, or do arithmetic, when you can spend the time waxing poetic about how awesome sex feels, like Rhode Island is considering doing in House bill H 7166 (bold text added):

“Provided further, courses in family life or sex education shall be appropriate for students of all races, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds; affirmatively recognize pleasure based sexual relations, different sexual orientations and be inclusive of same-sex relationships in discussions and examples. In addition, comprehensive course instruction shall include gender, gender expression, gender identity, and the harm of negative gender stereotypes.”

     I certainly hope there won’t involve group projects or classroom demonstrations…

Coming soon to a Rhode Island school?

     Perhaps what is frightening is just how vague this is. Rather than take any time to outline exactly what this means, this bill acts as an enabling act that leaves that to bureaucrats and pedagogical “experts”.   So, to beg the question: What are they hiding from parents and the public at large?

     The full bill, as introduced, can be read here or below:

Rhode Island house bill H71… by ThePoliticalHat

     A little mood music…

     Hat Tip: Nicole Solas.

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