De-Gendering Physiology In British Columbia For Abortions

     Remember when abortion was championed as the ultimate “women’s right”? If so you should check your privilege you “cis-scum”! But don’t worry, you can enlighten yourself with wokeness by reading about “Trans-Inclusive Abortion Services” provided for the Canadian province of British Columbia.

     This guide seeks out “an intersectional approach, that recognizes that trans people have various identities and experiences that intersect with their identities as trans.”   Specifically how not killing off unborn indigenous babies oppressed transgender persons of color or something:

“This guide acknowledges that the work of writing this document, your work in the field of reproductive healthcare, and the lives of trans people themselves, are happening on the traditional, ancestral lands of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. The ways in which we understand sex, gender, sexuality and even reproduction are products of the colonization of Canada. This guide further recognizes that some Two-Spirit (2-Spirit) people may or may not also identify as trans. To conflate Two-Spirit with trans as outlined above would contribute to the systematic erasure of Indigenous gender variance understood and defined on its own terms. That said, given the fact that Two-Spirit people continually go unacknowledged within queer, trans, and other conversations about gender and sexual diversity, we include Two-Spirit people within this manual, whenever apt.”

     In part they claim to achieve this through “reclaiming” alleged words and beliefs that supposedly existed before White people invented gender and biological sex that somehow coincides perfectly with Critical Gender Theory created by White people because “sex, gender, reproduction and parenting is deeply cisnormative.”

     And what could be more “cisnormative” accurate medical terms for body parts that only females or only males have?

“We should avoid the unnecessary and problematic gendering of body parts (for instance, calling ovaries, fallopian tubes and uteruses parts of the female reproductive system). We might also use language such as ‘people with breasts,’ ‘bodies with penises,’ ‘pregnant people’, rather than ‘women with breasts,’ ‘male-bodied’ or ‘pregnant women.’ For some, however, this may not go far enough.”

     But those terms still heavily associated with one sex or the other. How do they plan to dealing with this oppression? With childish euphemisms, of course!

“Words like breast, penis, vagina, uterus, may not be how some trans people refer to their own bodies — some common ways that body parts can be renamed includes breasts being renamed as chests, vaginas being renamed as front bums, penises being renamed as clitorises, but many others are possible. […] The reproductive experience of pregnancy can be rebranded as being a seahorse papa, and lactation and chest-feeding reframed as an animalistic, functional process, rather than being quintessentially womanly experiences”.

     When parents use euphemisms about body parts with their young children, they aren’t doing so to deny the biological reality of their own children… give or take a “parent” with Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy.

     But then if men can be women and women men, then why can’t a human being be a seahorse papa!

     The full document can be read below.

Trans-Inclusive Abortion Se… by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: James Lindsay.

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