The “Bad Touch” Biden Commemorative Cake

     Joe “Bad Touch” Biden’s election win is certainly being celebrated around the world, including Hong Kong where a bakery has commemorated the infamous hair-sniffer and lover of anime girls with a commemorative cake.

“A Hong Kong bakery has received a less-than-conventional order for a custom cake: one depicting US president-elect, Joe Biden, as a handsy pedophile.

“Villa Villa Cafe and Bar, located in North Point, posted a photo of the cake on their Facebook page on Tuesday. The cake is decorated with a picture of Biden creeping up behind a wide-eyed Anime-style girl, touching her shoulders and kissing her from the side.

“‘Warmly celebrate Uncle Biden for his election as the 46th US president,’ the sarcastic lettering reads.”

     Just don’t ask what frosting is that is being used…

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