Because Biden Always Means Yes

     Joe Biden is proud of the “Violence Against Women Act” that he supported in the Senate.  He also seems a bit pensive about the “Yes Means Yes” standard…

“Vice President Joe Biden mused at a Domestic Violence Awareness Month roundtable today that new rules about affirmative consent for any sexual activity can be ‘tricky.’

“Biden said ‘that’s my instinct’ when talking about leaning toward both parties in sexual activity giving a ‘yes’ first.

“‘The cultural norms make it still kind of hard to say “yes, I’d like you to kiss me or yes, I’d like you to do that,”‘ he said. ‘So it’s still tricky.'”

     Considering just how much Joe Biden likes a little grope now and then, is it any surprise that he shows at least some hesitation on the “Yes Means Yes” question?

Joe Biden エッチする

     Won’t anyone think of the anime girls?

     Biden/Anime pics credited to @neontaster.

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