Believing that one’s body does not reflect who they “really” are is not limited to those with gender dysphasia, but extends to those who feel like they are at heart disabled, despite being perfectly healthy.

     One such mentally ill individual decided that she was not going to just feel disabled, she was going to make herself disabled:

“A woman in North Carolina is attracting media attention for telling her story about pouring drain cleaner in her eyes because she identifies as a blind person.


“By the time I was six I remember that thinking about being blind made me feel comfortable,” she said. She fantasized constantly about losing her vision, and spent hours staring directly at the sun after her mother warned her that it would damage her eyes.

“At first, Shuping simply pretended to be blind, going about with sunglasses on, her eyes closed, and using a cane to navigate. She also became fluent in braille. But after a while, that just wasn’t enough.”

     What is most frightening is that this woman’s psychologist helped to make this woman blind!

“Determined to turn her dream into a reality, Ms Shuping found a psychologist willing to help her become blind and took the necessary steps in 2006.

“They first put in numbing eyedrops – which Ms Shuping picked up during a special visit to Canada – followed by a couple of drops of drain cleaner in each eye.”

     But is this any more insane than getting a sex-change operation?  In the case of this woman, or the cases where people amputate perfectly healthy limbs, they really do become disabled.  A man who has a “sex-change operatoin” does not, and can not, become a woman.  If anything, this woman is far more sane than a transsexual.

     O brave new world with such people in’t…

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