Lesbianism is Just a Personality

     Apparently lesbianism is not just something one can be “new” to (so much for “born that way”), but a wide range of archetypes once can choose from!

These are not merely “substitutes for personality” but personality types that are unique to lesibans like “sports,” “art,” and the “outdoors”…

     Just further proof that, much like invented genders and sexualities, this is all about validation and “feelz”.

     A little mood music:

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2 Responses to Lesbianism is Just a Personality

  1. avatar Frank T says:

    The reason is semantic. Replace “lesbian” in all of those examples with “person” and it would make better sense. What this seems to be is a way to divide a broadly-defined group into yet more summarize-able categories. It is a symptom common all lines of all lines of thought which covet group identity (and often group rights) rather than individuals. Collectivism is insidious and sometimes sows its seeds so deeply that even objective observers will fail to see it.

  2. avatar Cato Augustus, Imperator Mundi says:

    I’ve won the identity wars. I identify as the Emperor of the Universe, so anyone that wants me to acknowledge their special snowflake genders or non-objective identity group bullshit must bow and kiss the ring.

    Sometimes getting a muddled Lefty back to reality is just taking their “logic” to its absurd extreme.

    Either way, I win. Either people get saner, or I get to rule crazy-world.