Bad Biologist

     A jellyfish expert has decided to totes discombobulate þe olde “sexual binary” by “proving” that there aren’t just two sexes.

     This was so begging for a fisking, your humble author could only acquiesce.

A fisking! A fisking!

     Argumentum ad verecundiam.

     In the absence of a certifiable medical disease or syndrome, yes, yes it is.

     This is literally not true. The nature of the Y-chromosome is far more complex than that.

     It means that one with such a conditions has De la Chapelle syndrome, which typically involves a rash of medical problems including sterility.

     It means that one with such a conditions has Swyer syndrome, which also involves other such complications. It does not make you a physically male like a fully functioning Y-chromosome does.

     The presence of a Y-chromosome steers fetal development towards a functional biological male who can   produce sperm and impregnate a functional biological female who wasn’t so steered and who produces eggs and gestates the offspring for ca 9 months.

     It’s really not that complicated.

     Hormonal levels and other physical and physiological differences can and do vary, but they are variations around the aspects of two different sexes. That on some measure there is statistical overlap does not change this.

     Not “hormonally non-binary” but an outlier for one’s sex. There are medical conditions, too, that can cause this.

     Yet again, when this happens, it means that a person has a identifiable medical condition, not that they are on some normal spectrum of traits.

     That this biology professor should stick to jellyfish?

     No it means that you developed into a male or female based upon the presence or of Y-chromosome or a second X-chromosome in the chromosomal pair, or you have a medical condition with typically many other medical problem, often including infertility.

     That was the point in this exercise, wasn’t it, to confuse people.

     That’s because most people don’t have medical conditions that mess up their development into living creatures capable of reproducing by sexual congress with someone of the opposite sex.

     Heaven forbid people learn of having medical conditions that can impact their life.

     Someone having an authentic medical condition should not be discriminated against legally or socially, but ought to be allowed to fit in as they are comfortable with. It does matter if one wants to become a couple with another and have children. But then most of the “trans” movement isn’t about biological sex, but “gender identity”, to which the intentional confusion of this line of reasoning is but a distraction.

     But I don’t have to respect people when their opinion of who they are is not only in contrast with biological reality, but also being pushed on myself and on others in increasingly totalitarian ways.

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