Elder Non-Gender Specific Sibling Is Watching Leviathan’s (Née Your) Children

     Which state looks at the People’s Republic of China’s “Social Credit System” and the novel 1984 and thinks “Hold my organic beer”?

     A budget bill trailer in California answers that question.

“Starting at birth and continuing until your kids are grown up and in the workforce, California’s new ;Cradle to Career Data System’ will collect data from ‘partner entities’ in order to ‘provide appropriate interventions and supports to address disparities in opportunities and improve outcomes for all students.’

“The ‘partner entities’ include (but are not limited to) ‘state entities responsible for elementary and secondary education data, entities responsible for early learning data, segments of public higher education, private colleges and universities, state entities responsible for student financial aid, childcare providers, state labor and workforce development agencies, and state departments administering health and human services programs.’

     This goes beyond mere nanny government, especially since “social justice organizations” are explicitly mentioned as being part of they who run this little totalitarian scheme. This basically sets up the woke social justice version of the People’s Republic of China’s “social credit system”, that monitors information to punish/reward correct thinking, but with a hefty dose of racial/sex/sexuality/&c. discrimination thrown in.

“The governor’s Office of Planning and Research is now authorized to enter into contracts with ‘planning facilitators’ who will convene advisory groups ‘comprised of representatives of students, parents, labor, business and industry, equity and social justice organizations, researchers, privacy experts, early education experts, school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education.’

“This measure didn’t go through the usual legislative process, which typically includes a number of committee hearings and votes. The ‘Cradle to Career Data System’ was enacted as part of a budget trailer bill, negotiated essentially in secret and presented to lawmakers as a done deal for an up-or-down vote.

“Whose idea was this?

“A hint can be found on social media by searching the hashtag, #Data4ThePeople. One activist group called The Education Trust-West has put out an ‘Equity Alert’ to supporters that describes the ‘Cradle to Career Data System’ as ‘an important win.’

“‘Advocates have been demanding data for the people in the Golden State for years,’ the Equity Alert explains, to ‘answer key questions about whether and how our state schools, colleges, universities, and workforce systems are closing racial equity gaps and serving Californians.’

“It sounds as if the goal is to go beyond laws that ban discrimination and beyond affirmative action into a brave new world, one in which government bureaucrats tally the economic success of each racial and ethnic group and sub-group and award government funding in an effort to reach ‘equity.'”

This is the camel’s nose in the tent of the state micromanaging rights/benefits for the sake of “equity”. Add in social media information, and you have everything you need for the state to treat people unequally based on a myriad of “socially just” factors, and even to start demanding private companies or any private grouping of individuals (from social clubs to churches) to do the same or be punished for “bias” or “perpetuating racial/sexual/&c. institutional privilege”.

     Some may say that this is a slippery slope, but it is hardly a slippery slope fallacy when so many cheering this outright demand the outcome of said slippery slope.

     Heck, with this information, anyone who has spent any appreciable amount of time in California not “off the radar” will not even be able to escape California to escape this scheme since big business (which is increasingly woke) will likely get this information.

     This is like Big Brother, but without gender-specific wording…

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