One Country, One Tyranny

     Back in 1997, when the British and Portuguese handed over Hong Kong and Macau, respectively, to the People’s Republic of China, the people of Hong Kong and Macau being handed over to the lion’s den were assured that, for at least a while, they would be able to retain their own systems, laws, and to a degree their governance, according to what became known as “one country, two systems”.

     However, as has already been shown with the recent protests in Hong Kong over an extradition bill, the Chinese Communists didn’t really mean the “two systems” part of the slogan.   Not limiting themselves with the power to grab any denizen of Hong Kong or Macau and try them in secret elsewhere (if the people so taken are that lucky), now the Communist regime wants to implement their tyrannical “social credit system” that rewards loyalty while punishing descent.

“[T]he provincial government of Guangdong Province released a three-year action plan (2018–2020) for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.


“The new action plan lists 100 items, placed into nine different categories, such as building modern industries that are competitive internationally; improving living conditions and the business environment; and accelerating the process of opening up “a new front,” a Party slogan referring to economic reforms.

“In that category, the social credit system was mentioned. In particular, the Greater Bay Area would “explore the implementation of a rewards and punishment credit system for companies.”

“In another Guangdong Province document released on July 5, authorities explained that the plan aimed to further develop the “one country, two systems” model and integrate ‘credit and information sharing’ between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, and Macau.”

     The “one country, two systems” was always a lie that the Communist Chinese would ignore as soon as they felt they could get away with it. The only thing holding them back is a desire not to kill the golden geese that the Chinese Nomenklatura get rich off of.

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