Hong Kong Protests With A Stiff Upper Lip

     Demonstrating the “one state; two systems” that Hong Kong was promised for fifty years after the U.K. handed it over to the People’s Republic of China, Beijing was trying to push through a bill to allow the people of Hong Kong to be “extradited” out to somewhere else in China where what little rights the people of Hong Kong have do not exist. Under ever growing protests, the Beijing appointed Chief Executive Carrie Lam agreed to suspend the bill from consideration. As a result, the protests have only gotten bigger since the people of Hong Kong seem to not want to stop with that one rollback and wish greater protection from an ever encroaching Beijing.

     Now on the anniversary of the handover from enlightened British administration to the machinations of the butchers of Beijing, the protesters have let Beijing, and the world, know just how much they do not like how the “deal” is being pushed to be changed (and how they are supposed to pray that it doesn’t change further): Protesters stormed Hong Kong’s legislative building, defaced the post-handover emblem of Hong Kong, and raised the colonial flag of Hong Kong!

     This does not mean that they are pining away for the U.K. to have total political control, it indicates that they cherish the values of democracy and freedom that the British brought to Hong Kong, and their desire to keep that Anglosphere inheritance from being taken away by the real colonialism from Beijing.

     They even went to far as to raise the Union Jack itself while defacing symbols imposed from Beijing.

     In the face of the world’s worst tyranny, and most prolific slaughterer of people, the pro-democracy protesters of Hong King have certainly kept a stiff upper lip.

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