The Latest in Transgender “Science”: Reincarnation

     An article in a recent peer-reviewed academic journal, International Journal of Sexual Health, ponders the question: Do past-life memories have a connection to transgenderism? Unsurprisingly, the study found just that.

In part, the study found that:

“The possibility that children’s past-life statements may be fantasies independent of any parental influence merits further attention as well. Can preexisting GNC lead a child to report past-life memories specifically as a member of a different sex, as if playing out gender nonconforming tendencies in fantasy? Several points argue against this possibility. First, although it is impossible to rule out that in some of these cases the child’s statements and behaviors may be rooted in fantasy, in more than half of our cases the idiosyncratic details of the past life have been found to match the life of an actual deceased individual. When limiting our analysis to such cases only, we find an equally strong association between GNC and memories of a life as a member of a different sex.”

     That’s right, past-life memories due to reincarnation is considered a legitimate field of academic study. The study authors don’t go so far as to right out say that this is a case of a soul in the wrong-sexed body, but the influence of “previous lives” is not a new area of study when it comes to shaping “personality development” in addition to (or perhaps in lieu of) genetics or environment.

     This isn’t science, it’s the plot of the even-more-woke female Doctor Who!

     With the success of the Grievance Studies Affair (i.e. the “New Sokal” affair), Poe’s Law is in permanent invocation when it comes to woke academia.

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