Netherlands and Repressive Tolerance

     Herbert Marcuse, one of the thought leaders of Cultural Marxism, believed that tolerance required one to be intolerant of “repressive” ideas, speech, and intolerance, later expanded upon by Karl Popper. In short, it was believed that one should be intolerant of the intolerant and evil in order for tolerance of the good to be tolerated. This practically calls the question: Quis decernit?

     In the Netherlands in order to demand the tolerance of same sex marriage, ad ferendum are declared to be the few actual Christians who openly signed the Nashville Statement in support of traditional monogamous male/female marriages.

“Authorities in the Netherlands are reportedly investigating whether the 250 evangelical pastors who signed the Nashville Statement on biblical sexuality have violated the law after objections were raised by so-called “equality organizations.”

“The Nashville Statement, which was released in the U.S. in 2017 in response to the rising tide of secularism and the erosion of the Christian consensus on the issues of gender, marriage, and sexuality, affirms what the Christian church has accepted throughout its 2000+ years of existence — namely that marriage is between one man and one woman and that humans, made in the image of God, were created male or female with divinely ordained differences. Not intended to be a political treatise, the Nashville Statement was intended to be an instructive document for the church and Christian ministries.”

     Ironically enough, the loudest voices against the signers comes from the “Cosplay Christians” who make Unitarians look like snake-handlers talking in tongues.

     What is frightening is that these handful of individuals with little to no voice or privilege or power in the Netherlands are being targeted for potential prosecution, despite Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution prohibiting “discrimination on the grounds of religion [or] belief”. Of course, no one could serious imagine such a prosecution being even contemplated against Muslims…

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