Big Mouth Big Derp

     Adult oriented cartoons and animation that involve potty humor are well established, be it South Park, Drawn Together, or some hentai anime. However, the vulgarities were just a means to tell an often outrageous joke. But ‘twould seem that for some people, humorless in-your-face sex references is the new norm. Case in point:

     How bad does it get? The story is about kids hitting puberty and includes an adult character promoting to a child oral sex in a pointless and humorless way. South Park, in contrast, had far worse, but it felt less off-puttingly vulgar because it was done in a humorous way that was based in part on its over the top outrageousness. Also:

     Shocking and vulgar things can be funny, but they are not per se funny. Absent a good set-up or other comedic aspect it will range from boring to creepy.

     As can be seen above, another aspect being increasingly embraced by American animators is horrid character designs.

     This isn’t to say that cartoonish or even stylized designs can’t work, but the designs have to work with the humor and style of the show. Even then, quality designs can cover up a poor plot, while horrid designs are only palatable if the writing and directing is otherwise top notch. In the case of “Big Mouth”, it appears to have neither.

     The NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer can be seen below, if you dare…

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