Social Justice’s Own Future Doctor Mengele?

     With increasing use of euthanasia, including involuntarily, and demand that people be treated unequally to achieve some type of mythical racial equity, “social justice” and medicine is poised to be a dangerous combination… for the designated “H8rz”, of course.

     But no professional doctor would let “social justice” get in the way of the Hippocratic Oath, though, right?


     The frightening thing is that if Eugene Gu himself would never cross that line (and I sincerely hope he wouldn’t), then certainly other “social justice” medical professional would be willing to turn into the “antifa” version of Josef Mengele, which is why (amongst other reasons) single-payer healthcare in the hands of a government staffed with Leftist bureaucrats is a rather bad idea…

     A little mood music:

     Hat Tip: Legal Insurrection.

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