De-Transing The Child

     It seems rare these days that a child is able to buck the pressure to embrace transgenderism. Thankfully, one young Australian boy was able to do so.

“An Australian boy who pleaded with his mother to allow him to make the transition into a girl has now had a change of heart two years later.

“In 2015, Patrick Mitchell, then 12, began taking oestrogen hormones in a bid to become a female after a doctor diagnosed him with gender dysphoria.

“People with the condition suffer distress as a result of a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.

“‘You wish you could just change everything about you, you just see any girl and you say I’d kill to be like that’, Patrick told 60 Minutes’ Ross Coulthart.


“But after growing out his hair and the hormones taking control of his body by producing breasts, the unthinkable happened.

“‘He looked me in the eye and said “I’m just not sure that I am a girl”‘, his mother revealed.

“After teachers began to call Patrick a girl, he questioned whether he had made the right decision.

“‘I began to realise I was actually comfortable in my body. Every day I just felt better,’ he told Now To Love.”

     The truth of the matter is that for most young people, this really is just a phase. This is especially so when curiosity and exploration of a small child—years before puberty hits—fancies his or herself to be something they’re not.

     Alas, those who preach that “trans kids” are “born that way” and any suggestion that they don’t fully embrace their “cis-ness” is proof that they are “trans” to the point of making it illegal to suggest to them otherwise!

     Far too often, a combination of parents, schools, interest groups, and legally mandated psychological affirmation of a child’s “trans-ness” feed into this delusion, often with deadly results.

     The irony of the “born this way” crowd is that they don’t believe that a person who is “born that way” ought not be changed, but that rather than deal with the psychological, they mutilate the body and pump life-altering hormones and puberty blockers into confused kids who don’t understand what it is they are getting into. Case in point: “Jazz” Jennings, they celebrity “trans-girl” who, because of puberty blockers, is stuck with a pre-pubescent penis—thus will never be a sexually functional male—yet can not have it made into a faux vagina—thus not even being a passable imitation of a woman—amongst other complications.

     But the people pushing this do not care.

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