Mandatory Trans

     One of the arguments for legalizing abortion was the “right to privacy” between a doctor and a patient… even if that patient wasn’t old enough to consent to get pregnant. Indeed, other medical treatments can still require parental consent, or at least notification. Yet this “right to privacy” ceases to be a “right to privacy” when the Progressive Left deem it to be doubleplusungood.

     Something, to the Progressive Left, is only a “right” if they favor it as an outcome, or as a tool to achieve an outcome. If it is undesirable, than it can, shall, and will be banned or criminalized. The perfect example of this is “conversion therapy”.

     To the maddening Left, “coming out” is a one way street. A straight person can come out as being gay or lesbian, with such homosexuality being declared normal and lack of prior identification therewith blamed on the “Kyriarchy” being oppressive. On the other hand, a person who identified as gay or lesbian can not “come out” as being straight, with such “coming out” being blamed on “systems of oppression”.

     Similarly, if a child “comes out” as being “transgendered”, even if it is only due to Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, than such declaration is taken as absolute and irrevocable truth that they were “born that way” (which somehow includes radical medical procedures and hormone altering drugs being a “human right”). That this must be invariable is required by the current ideology of the Left, in order for discrimination laws to be applicable.

     To enforce this, children must be denies any possibility of “going back” on their potentially coerced declaration of transgenderism or homosexuality. Most concerning is the question of transgenderism and the push to stunt puberty and begin “transitioning” at ever younger ages—treatment that can leave them sterile or worse. Most children who identify as a gender not concomitant with their biological sex end up abandoning such nonsense and end up “cis-gendered”. In other words: It’s just a phase.

     This, the Progressive Left and LGBTQ&c. advocates can not allow.

     Rather than let these kids get proper psychological care or work out their sexuality, the Left wants to condemn them to a choice that will they will regret, and may even push them to suicide, by prohibiting medical personnel from even suggesting that maybe, juuust maybe, the kids “trans” identity or sexuality is just a phase and that they aren’t really “transgendered” or queer. To this effect, there is an increasing ban on “conversion therapy” for children.

     This isn’t just government interference with the patient-doctor relationship, it is an outright ban on free speech, as is being pushed in Nevada:

SB201 defines conversion therapy as ‘any practice or treatment that seeks to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person.’

“That’s far from a ban on shock therapy. It’s a prohibition on any practice or treatment — and you can’t get broader than “any” — aimed at producing a certain result.


“[I]t would be illegal for a therapist to make the following statements:

  • Having a Y chromosome makes you male.’

  • ‘Experts haven’t found a “gay” gene. The American Medical Association acknowledges that ‘no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.”‘

  • ‘The American Psychiatric Association manual on mental disorders finds that up to 97.8 percent of boys and 88 percent of girls experiencing gender confusion eventually identify with their biological gender.'”

     Why is the Progressive Left so afraid of mere talking? Are they really that afraid that a little bit of chat may undo their decades long argumentation? Their fear is telling. And they are willing to mutilate children as a sacrifice to their narrative:

“Consider this scenario, based on real events: One day, your high-school-age daughter comes to you with a surprising announcement. She has a history of psychological problems and is unhappy with the pressures of being a young girl. She has spent a great deal of time online reading about transgender and is certain she must really be a transgender man: her gender identity is that of a man. She wants to go on testosterone and cut her breasts off.

“After you talk it over with her, she agrees to find a therapist to see if she could be happy with herself without drastic treatment. However, a nationwide law bans any professional from offering care that doesn’t uphold her feeling she is transgender. Instead, your teen daughter takes hormones, which sterilize her healthy body, lower her voice, and change her bone structure, and goes to live as a man. Years later, her body irreversibly damaged, she changes her mind and bitterly regrets losing her fertility. ‘Why did they let me do this to myself as a child?'”

     But the Narrative always comes first, for the “greater good”, of course…

     Update: SB 201 has been signed into law. It will now be illegal in Nevada for a therapist or councilor to NOT affirm the “gender identity” of any minor.

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