The Decolonization of South Africa

     Despite having as a role model the nation of Botswana, a stable democracy that proved that is it possible to have a President with a Black African father and a White English-speaking mother who isn’t a schmuck, many in South Africa would rather attain more immediate abet disastrous course of not only bashing White people, but of blaming anything and everything considered “colonial” or “Western”.

“The group of 50 protesters — led by controversial pastor Xola Skosana who claims Jesus was HIV-positive — walked 11.5km from Gugulethu to Khayelitsha in Cape Town on Saturday to highlight townships’ existence as ‘breeding grounds for black pain’.

“Carrying an enormous wooden cross‚ the group has called for an end to “the colonial construct” that is South Africa.”

     Despite having a Black majority democracy for decades now, the Kulaks Whites must be blamed for… colonizing people’s minds:

“One of the protesters‚ Andreas Banetsi Mphunga who works in the mental health sector in townships‚ said: ‘It is part of white psychology that says‚ “if we put people together in one place‚ all hell will break loose”. Even social housing is built in those same areas‚ far away from all resources.’

“He said that a Pan-Africanist psychology would have to prevail before Azania could be reached‚ and pointed out that Hendrik Verwoerd was a psychology professor who had used his expertise to suppress black South Africans.

“‘The answers might come from our own belief systems instead of white psychology‚’ he said.”

     The ultimate irony is that these people who want to purge South Africa of “Whiteness” have based their ideology on… a 19th century dead White male…

” Another said that during apartheid‚ those in the liberation struggle knew who the enemy was. ‘But now‚ the enemy is assimilated and it is harder to know who is who when we are oppressed by the black bourgeoisie‚’ he said.”

     Good luck with that “decolonization”…

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