Decolonizing the Meal

     It is well established that when the Left qualify the word “justice”, they mean anything but. “Food Justice“, then means, if properly and fully implemented, Holodomor (if we are lucky). Now Sen. Cory Booker has embraced this insanity, which has become quite widespread in academia.

     The latest example?

     A class by California State University Fullerton Professor Dana Collins about how Capitalism = starvation (because Holodomor was orchestrated by Kulaks, dontchaknow…):

“A new course at Cal State Fullerton aims to bring students’ attention to the ‘key social inequalities’ involved in the production and consumption of food in the modern world.

“[To help student] ‘understand how all food has a social life, which includes its production within a global food system that rests upon and reproduces global social inequalities;’ and to motivate them to ‘learn about, imagine, and act upon the possibilities of food justice!'”

     Further, the requirement for the class requires students to write “a recipe that is decolonized”…

     This notion of “food justice” must be understood in the Leftist doctrine of “equity“. Ultimately, the Left believe in neither equality of opportunity nor of equality of outcome. They believe in “equity”, a concept that dictates that each minitude of people have a proportional share of the final input.

     This Progressive idea of “democracy” means that privileged groups must have their privilege compensated by elevating the voice of the oppressed, even if this means silencing some altogether. Thus, “democracy”, to the Left, requires that “some… are more equal than others”.

     In other words, they’d rather that people with access to only gruel have only imitation gruel, provided the elite have a slightly less massaged kobe beef steak. Because of “equity” or something…

     Right now, if he were alive, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn would be FacePalming in despair…

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