Cory Booker and the “Unjust” Pizza of the Nomenklatura

     Crypto-Progressive Cory Booker’s recent spelling snafu tweet also serves to display the Progressive Left’s own hypocrisy.

     Booker has previously waxed poetically about “food justice.”  For the Left, “justice” means equality of outcome:

     “That then is the crux of what the Progressive’s mean by “justice”: The destruction of prosperity and an “equal” rationing of anything and everything (though some are some who are more “equal” than others…).”

     Of course, while others are subject to the “guidance” of the state, the Nomenklatura or elite always will always seem to be able to enjoy “the good stuff.”  But then, perhaps that is but a perk of the elite as thanks for their taxes which serve as welfare that further subjugates the masses?

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