Trump’s Useful Idiots

     The Left has often used “useful idiots” to defend itself from just and accurate attacks against them, most notably in re the Soviet Union and Lenin’s alleged use of the term. But now these same “useful idiots” are being used, abet unintentionally, by Donald Trump to destroy the Left both politically and mentally.

     Less than a month into his Presidency, Donald Trump has generally done, more or less, the type of things he said he’s do, particularly with the nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. However, there are plenty of unforced errors and legitimate concerns and criticism of how the White House is handling things, from the shuffling of seats on the National Security Council, his roll out of executive orders, or the allegations of using Congressional staffers in secret without the knowledge of Congress.

     However, just as the Democrats nominating Hillary Clinton caused them to lose to Donald Trump, the historonic hyperbole hysteria of the Democrats and the broader Left is allowing Trump to consolidate support from those who even still don’t like him, for the simple reason that the Trump Administration isn’t acting like an insane asylum. Unwittingly, these psychotic zealots have become useful idiots… for Donald Trump.

     No, Trump has not banned all Muslims… or even banned entry to the U.S. on the basis of religion. That this would preclude entry of persecuted Christians, Zoroastrians, and Yazidi is a legitimate point of disagreement. But the extreme, illogical, and factually incorrect insanity of the Left alienates sane people who do not believe in #NoBanNoWall or otherwise invite the entire world to immigrate to the United States.

     When your public arguments and the faces of your anti-Trump position are a bunch of conspiracy theorists and other assorted extreme-Left zealots, your not going to form a very effective #TheResistance… especially when your historonic hyperbolic hysteria is hyppocritical harangue at its worst.

     Donald Trump’s best argument is that he is not his Democrat opponents.

     Update: For an excellent analysis of the unhinged position of the vocal and rabid Leftists, the veritable Varad Mehta’s article “Resistance if Facile” is a must read.

     Further Update: Gorsuch’s name corrected.

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