Venezuela: The Socialist Paradise and the Death of Democracy

     Democracy, to Socialists and the Progressive Left, is not about people and expressing their individual will. It is, in the socialist point of view, an attempt to divine the Volonté Générale, even if—or especially if—it conflicts with the individual wills of a majority of the voters.

     The perfect case in point: Venezuela, where Constitutionally mandated elections are not being held. Venezuela’s National Electoral Council, which is controlled by Maduro acolytes, make their contempt for elections, that might not go Maduro’s way, clear:

“‘We don’t have a date. We are committed to collecting the expressions of the people’s will,” said council member Socorro Hernández, referring to the collection of signatures needed to start the referendum process — a convoluted process that, according to the opposition, is being manipulated by the Electoral Council known as CNE.

“Four out of five of the CNE members have close ties to the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro, who inherited it from late President Hugo Chavez in 2013.

“The opposition believes the increasingly unpopular Maduro and his Chavista followers have no interest in celebrating the regional election this year and risk losing the 20 governorships it now holds. Only three of the 23 states in Venezuela are currently headed by governors who are not affiliated with the ruling party.”

     Even the Soviets weren’t so shameless as to not at least hold rigged election.


     This is just another example of how the Left and other assorted budding dictators view democracy as a tram ride one rides until arriving at their destination.

     Maduro and his minions have been souring on democracy ever since the people rose up and election legislators who stood up in opposition to Maduro. But then, Maduro is a socialist, and as the night follows the day, dictatorship follows socialist electoral success.

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