Bedtime for Democracy in Venezuela?

     Leftist dictators like Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela like to bandy about how they are democratically elected and that therefor anything they do must be legitimate, and any opposition is illegitimate… until the people turn against them.

     Last year, the opposition won an overwhelming victory, capturing a super-majority in the Venezuelan Assembly.  Unsurprisingly, Maduro had already packed the Venezuelan Supreme Court and other such bodies like the top commanders in the Venezuelan armed forces with faithful minions.

     Now, he is threatening to lead a “revolution” should the Assembly be successful in removing Maduro from power.

“Venezuela’s socialist leader Nicolas Maduro threatened on Thursday to seek a constitutional amendment to slash the opposition-led legislature’s term and vowed to lead a ‘revolution’ should his foes wrest him from the presidency.

“The socialist leader’s strong words deepened the already bitter political standoff in the OPEC member nation since the opposition coalition won control of the National Assembly in a December vote and vowed to seek Maduro’s exit this year.”

     One possible means is a proposed amendment to Venezuela’s constitution that would terminate the current term of the present Assembly, with Maduro having the trigger.  The National Election Board and the Venezuelan Supreme Court would obviously rubber stamp Maduro’s machinations.

“In an overt conflict of powers, the government-leaning Supreme Court has been shooting down assembly motions, while the national election board is dragging its feet over the opposition’s desire to hold a recall referendum this year.”

     Socialist love democracy… it if provides the pre-determined “correct” results.

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