Canada Mandates that Doctors MUST Kill Their Patients

     Canada has decided that when it comes to Euthanasia, European countries are wussies.  They are demanding that not only should children who don’t have terminal diseases should be immediately euthanized upon any expression theretowards, but that nurses and doctors are required to kill their patients no matter what:

“Canada’s Supreme Court pushed the country into the euthanasia abyss with a radical ruling imposing doctor-administered death on the country. It gave the nation 1 year to pass laws governing the practice.

“With the question of legalization safely behind them–and no longer having to pretend euthanasia will be limited–a report by euthanasia “experts” issued by the Provincial-Territorial Expert Advisory Group issued a set of 43 recommendations to govern the practice in Canada that illuminates the actual goals of the euthanasia movement.

“It is an eye-opening document, including the following proposals:

  • Nurses should be allowed to kill patients.
  • Child euthanasia should be permitted.
  • There should be no waiting periods to be made dead.
  • A patient should be allowed to receive euthanasia immediately upon receiving a qualifying diagnosis (which is explicitly not limited to terminal illness per the Supreme Court).
  • No conscience opt-outs: Faith based institutions and objecting physicians should be required to either do the deed or be complicit by finding others willing to so do.”

     Is it any surprise that in Canada’s socialist healthcare system that they try to save money by just killing off the elderly, handicapped, and children which are such a drain on Canada’s socialist utopia!

     We have sadly gotten to this point:

“Eliminating suffering by eliminating the sufferer is not seen by euthanasia supporters as a vice, but as a virtue.”

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