California to Ban Anyone Affiliated with the Boy Scouts from Some Elected Offices

     California is poised to declare that the Boy Scouts practice “invidious discrimination” because they don’t allow gay scoutmasters.  The result of this is that is would prohibit any judge in California from being affiliated with the Boy Scouts.  Since Superior Court judges are elected by the voters (and Appellate and Supreme courts also subject to the will of the voters), this would bar anyone affiliated with the Boy Scouts from these elected offices.

     Since the 1st Amendment bars the state of California from directly prohibiting the Boy Scouts, or membership therein, it is doing the next worse thing: Punishing people for joining it and espousing those values that run counter to that of Folsom Street Fair participants.  Expressing incorrect beliefs can be punished, al la former Mozilla CEO Eich, and now government teeth are being used.

     Sure, the state of California isn’t saying that you can’t believe such things… just as long as you do it in your closet.

     But what is perhaps even more insidious is that this will extents to “gender”:

“The [California Supreme Court Advisory] Committee’s invitation ignores the fact that the change also encompasses other youth organizations whose membership is limited on the basis of gender, e.g., the Girl Scouts, as well as the military, which continues to practice discrimination on the basis of gender”

     Sure, you have the freedom of association (for now), but the state will punish you if you don’t exercise it according to its dictates.  They may not be able to get away with forcing you to agree with them, but they can compel you, and thus dissuade you from exercising what freedom you have left in incorrect ways. It is also about making sure that people with “incorrect” ideas won’t be on the bench to make rulings. Thus, the courts will rule the way the Progressive Left wants because those who disagree with the Progressive Left have been pushed out.

     This is just another example on the Progressives’ insane views on “gender” in California. Any distinction between boys and girls has been largely legally abolished in California, as it has in other states and various socialist nations.  That is now the official truth and California want to make sure it is clear that incorrect thinking is doubleplusungood.

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