The Queering of Reality

     The vast majority of males are men who like women; the vast majority of females are women who like men.  That’s reality.  For some, however, reality is unjust and must be “corrected” in the name of “social justice” in order to impose and equivalence contrary to reality.

     In other words, they’d like to “fool mother nature.”  Mother nature does not like being fooled.

     Much of this can be traced back to child-rape advocate and “researcher” Alfred Kinsey who declared that 10% of all people were exclusively homosexual, while 80% were bisexual.  The remaining 10% “heteros” could then be easily painted as a tiny cabal of oppressors.  In order to push this narrative, the “long march through the institutions,” the Progressive Left have used “social science” as a weapon against society… and reality.

     This topsy-turvy ideology is now being taught as fact from Pre-K to post-graduate study.  From this early indoctrination of children, the idea that “gender” is just a “social construct,” wherein a man could be a woman or a woman a father, is accepted unthinkingly as fact.

     An example can be seen in Tennessee, where a woman who was “married” to another women legally in New York, insisted that the other woman be named the father of her child.  This, of course, is biologically impossible.  A woman’s spouse has traditionally been labeled the father without question because there was the presumption that the child was biologically the fathers and that the child was conceived between them.  This can not be the case due to the fact that two women physically are incapable with having a child together.

     Clearly, reality is a hetero-normative oppressor, and must be corrected by the delusions of the Left.  This is just another example of how “gay marriage” is but an imitation of marriage.  The basic differences between the biological sexes means that there must necessarily be differences between couples of different sexes and couples of the same sex.  It is normal for two people of the opposite sex to be able to have a baby.  While some may be infertile, these are unfortunate conditions that are the exception and not the rule.  Two people of the same sex, in contrast, can never have a baby.  This is because reproductive acts require a man and a woman, which necessarily precludes by definition two people of the same sex.

     Of course, this queering of reality is one sided.  Just as those who most loudly demanded “tolerance” have demonstrated to be the most intolerant.  In order to minimize “hetero-normative” values, the Left must push the narrative that heterosexuality, in contrast to evolutionary truth, is an aberration — a representation of a tiny minority that is undeserving of equal consideration.

     This double standard and discrimination based on sexual orientation is actually championed by the LGBTQ zealots:

“California law SB-1172 Sexual orientation change efforts actually does intentionally and specifically discriminate against people based solely on their sexual orientation.


“When a man or a woman chooses to end a heterosexual relationship in favor of a homosexual one, liberal culture cheers. This is viewed as a profound and joyous victory for being true to one’s self.  Despite the impact it can have on an already established family or marriage is irrelevant to the individual happiness that is assumed to be won by the decision.  A homosexual person doing the opposite, however, is viewed as mentally ill, in denial, or as subject to the result of forces outside their will.  The bill states:  ‘The task force [Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation by the American Psychological Association] concluded that sexual orientation change efforts can pose critical health risks to lesbian, gay, and bisexual people…’ which includes a long list of every known negative emotion a human can experience including suicidal thoughts.

“This is based on the belief that homosexuality is simply a part of ‘who a person is’ and that it cannot be changed. It is also based on the assumption that any attempt to alter homosexual feelings or expression must be the result of coercion. These two beliefs are quasi-religious in nature as they defy any argument against them as innately harmful. The population this bill represses is a small portion of the mostly Christian community, although it is also expressed in Jewish and Muslim communities as well. There is no widespread attempt or program designed to actively seek out and eliminate homosexuality through therapy on the nation’s youth, despite liberal fantasies to the contrary. The population affected is so small it is surprising the gay community even knew they existed.  The only reason they did is because they have become obsessed with eliminating any view or belief around homosexuality as a whole that threatens their worldview.”

(brackets and italics in the original).

     The idea that a person can be “cured” of homosexuality could be considered a statement of pure H8 and animosity, yet hypocritically the idea that a person who acted straight could easily liberate his or her (or its) self by announcing the joy of homosexuality, is indicative of that worldview aforementioned.  It assumes that a gay or bisexual person is “born that way” because they are the “90%” while straights can come out as not being straight because “hetero-normatively” is a “social construct.”  This is why “experimenting” with homosexuality is championed while even daring to suggest that a kid might be straight is illegal.

     All this flies in the face of reality and nature, and Mother Nature does not like being fooled:

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