Obama, After the Oceans Recedes…

     During the 2008 elections, then Senator Obama declared that his election would mark when the “the rise of the oceans began to slow.”  Perhaps, with his re-election in 2012, it seemed that not only did the rise slow, but actually reversed.  We should keep in mind what withdraw of the ocean from the shore actually portends.

     The number of scandals has recently multiplied for Obama, to the point where many who were sympathetic to him are turning their backs.  Will Obama weather the coming torrent with the thanks of a still sycophantic media, or will the administration suffer a deluge of their own making?

     The sheer number of major scandals he is facing is huge… and may very well keep on growing.  Amongst them:

Political use of the IRS against Tea Party groups.

     The revelation that not only has the IRS been targeting Tea Party groups as well as any group that sought to educate people on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but has been lying about it for years, suddenly broke.

     The extensive depth of information requested included copies of all reading material, copies of all social media communications (tweets, webpages, Facebook posts, &c.), and a full listing of donors, volunteers, and their families. A frightening example from Ohio demonstrates the degree to which the IRS acted like a domestic spy agency: One Tea Party group was asked if they had any connections with a Tea Party activist who worked with another group and had no connection to the one applying with the IRS. That the IRS not only knew such a local activist, but included him in a wider ranging inquest, ought to be chilling.  To make matters worse, that information was then giving that information to Obama confederates. Unsurprisingly, Progressive groups’ approvals were practically rubber stamped

     This goes much deeper than just an innocent snaffu: Not only did the man in charge of this at the IRS was experienced with attacking anti-administration groups, but a sitting Senator may have played a roll… all while journalists are seemingly coordinating a counter defense.

     Most damning, is that this is reminiscent of one of the charges against Nixon found in the Articles of Impeachment against him:

“He has, acting personally and through his subordinates and agents, endeavoured to obtain from the Internal Revenue Service, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, confidential information contained in income tax returns for purposed not authorized by law, and to cause, in violation of the constitutional rights of citizens, income tax audits or other income tax investigations to be initiated or conducted in a discriminatory manner.”

     Things have gotten so bad on this front, that the Speaker of the House has openly asked “Who’s Going to Jail Over This Scandal?” A copy of the Treasury report, as incomplete as it may be, can be found here.

Pressuring companies to hand over money to support the administration

     This alone would be enough threaten the administration.  Sadly, the misuse of power seems to be a common thread for this administration.  Kathleen Sebelius has been caught soliciting money from healthcare companies that she has massive discretionary power over in order to financially support Obamacare.  The House of Representatives have begun probing these shenanigans in large part because she is gathering the funds to do what the House would not give here the funds to do.

Obtaining private records from the Associated Press

     Perhaps the greatest self-inflicted wound has been the Obama administration’s grab of the Associated Press’ phone records.  The press is one of Obama’s greatest allies and this move by the administration has sown fear in the press, but this may result in some of the press turning against him, or at least unwilling to carry water for him.

Discriminating against conservatives by the EPA

     These scandals, unfortunately, end up obscuring even more abuses of power.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been caught fast tracking freedom of information act requests from “Green” groups and even waiving the associated fees, while demanding full payment from conservative groups, despite that fact that Federal agencies are supposed to waive the fee for all groups that work for public benefit.

Mandated Speech Codes

     Another scandal that is being lost in the growing torrent is the news that the Depts. of Justice and Education are imposing stringent Campus Speech Codes on colleges and universities that are vague and highly subjective.  Considering leftist bent of many college administrations, such codes will be quite likely discriminatory against “undesirable” ideas and people.

IRS stole over 60 Million patient health records

     The IRS, yet again, is involved in scandal. The IRS has been accused of stealing over 60 Million medical records from over 10 Million patients including “psychological counseling, gynecological counseling, sexual/drug treatment and other medical treatment data.” Remember, it is the IRS that will in part administer the punishments and penalties in Obamacare. It begs the question: How can people trust this administration to protect their alleged “right to privacy”? The complaint can be found here:


     All these simply add onto the existing disgraces of the administration that continue to grow, such as Benghazi, where it has not been established that the administration knew the truth that this was a terrorist attack all along, but insisted on lying about it and blaming an innocent filmmaker who rots in jail while the murderers of an American Ambassador walk free.

Fast & Furious / Pigford

     Let us not forget, the Fast & Furious scandal, which is still unresolved, and the Pigford scandal, that the legacy media are finally waking up to!

     Even the Devil was limited to seven deadly sins…

     Will Obama get away with it all, or will people finally stand up and shout that they won’t take it anymore?

     Chances are, there will be even more scandals breaking between the time this is published and when you, dear reader, end up reading this post.

     A little mood music:

     Update: Two more scandals from the Obama administration. The IRS denied tax-exempt status to Pro-Life groups that didn’t agree to not protest Obama-supporting Planned Parenthood. Also, it Rep. Nunes is claiming that the Dept. of Justice not only seized phone records from the House of Representatives, but even tapped the House Cloak Room! Guess scandals are just cheaper by the dozen.

     Further Update: Nunes has clarified his remarks.

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