Cory Booker and His Leviathan of Liberation

     Progressive crypto-extremist Cory Booker has already continued to try to present himself as a reasonable moderate.  Unfortunately for him, his more radical statements from the past continue to haunt him.

     Mr. Booker has come out and declared that “government is a liberation force.”  Clearly, in his leftist mind, more government means more liberation, even though it would result in people being turned into defenseless victims or subjected to “food justice.”

     The full video can be found here, and is the same one where he reveals his lust towards victim disarmament.

     The full video reveals his warm and fuzzy feelings towards Leviathan even more, at the 23 minute mark o the full video, he refers to sticks that would break alone being strong when they are forcibly bound together as an “African saying.”  The idea of sticks bound together is a Roman concept embodied in fasces, whence derived the word Fascism, which wished to embody the idea of weak individuals only becoming strong by being part of a coherent and willful collective.

     Perhaps he didn’t mean for it to come out, but the reveal was there, and consistent with his broader comments.  Will Mr. Booker successfully cover up his love for Leviathan, with the thin veneer of acting like a moderate?  Only time will tell…

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