Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s Assault on Civil Liberties

     Progressive crypto-extremist Cory Booker has been trying to present himself as a thoughtful moderate who supports the common-sense “consensus” on issues.  Unfortunately for him, he was not so careful in the past.

     He is on record as wanting to ban guns.  Not just scary looking “assault weapons,” but ALL handguns.  He states quite bluntly that if he could ban guns, he would.  Sadly, he is only one Supreme Court nominee away from being able to do so.

     Full video here.

     Of course Mr. Booker also believes that there are too many people in jail, as revealed in the full video at the 16 minute mark.  Hmmm, what happens when you empty the jails and the citizens are disarmed?

     To make matters worse, Mr. Booker has offered $1000 for people who turn in their neighbors for… merely owning guns.

     Sadly, we’ve have gotten to the point where we can trust Pravda more than we can our own elected officials, when it comes to our Second Amendment rights.


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