The Radical Fringe And The Overton Window

     Interesting thread on how the Left lets their radical fringe go crazy to make themselves seem more reasonable. Some on the right say we need to fight like the Left does and do what they are doing superficially through their radical fringe. This would not work, and most likely make things much, much worse.

     Why, though?

     First of all, the Left has succeeded in the Gramscian march through the institutions, so they are the ones who can dictate to the uninformed masses their message and have their fringe being said to have legitimate grievances, which the smart Left can then use to portray themselves are reasonable people to institute “common sense” reasonable solutions.

     Secondly, the seemingly “reasonable” Left are probably ideologically more radical than the overt radical fringe, at least for those in positions of power and influence. In contrast the radical fringe on the right is incapable of playing it smart; they just have to let their freak flag fly and openly fight to scratch that itch of not sitting around and just doing something. The more reasonable on the right are reasonable and they worked hard to shift the Overton window for many things to the right in society (e.g. gun rights, high taxes, rejection of central planning and blind trust in any and all government experts, &c.). This hurts the right because the Left, who are in positions of power and influence in the media, can easily portray the radical right as lunatics, and then tie all of the right to these lunacies so portrayed.

     Thirdly, because of the first tow reasons, the right would empower the Left by destroying the “Marquess of Queensberry” rules while the Left purportedly fought without rules with impunity, while ignoring the truth: They wormed their way into control the institutions and thus becoming the ones to make the rules. The Left have sub rosa slowly changed out the pillars of society—the underlying mores, values, and folkways of society—until all is left is the old facade of normalcy; that’s when they can just forcible change that facade and succeed, as they did with Same Sex Marriage, because their new normal now fits better with the new pillars than the old one did.   Those on the right who don’t realize that they are not fending of an aberrance that “cuckservative” surrender to, they are demanding that their new aberrance be accepted on the basis of a normalcy that no longer exists for an increasingly larger number of people.

     Thusly, the Right, if they are to succeed, but fight back asymmetrically and carefully. It may not fill the urge of some to “fight” to fill now emotional need to “do something”, but it is necessary, and it’ll take a long march all of the Right’s own that will be more perilous and delegate than the Left’s ever was.

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