They Fear The Traditional Nuclear Family

     Apparently, believing that it is best for children to grow up in a household with a mother and father dedicated to each other and their children is… “un-American”. At least is it according to South Dakota state Representative Erin Healy.

     They hate the nuclear family. A man and woman getting married and raising their children in a loving home means the family will be at the center of society… not the government.

     We’ve known for a long time now that those on the Left believe that Leviathan (i.e. the state) is the true and proper parent, and not cis-heteronormative couples. But in this tweet, they are admitting that they see the traditional nuclear family is a threat to “it takes a villiage” socialization of child-rearing. It means that families and even communities can stand on their own two feet and not only deny the government the totalitarian power it craves, but that they could even oppose what the Nomenklatura believe is best for the hoi polloi.

     Put family first, and our so-called betters will lose.

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