Wear Stinky Clothes And Be Happy?

     From the wannabe reconstructors of civilization that told us to eat the bugs, live in the pod, and take the cold shower, comes the idea that fashion is killing the Earth and we need to learn to wear clothes made from garbage that we don’t wash.

     It’s not just wearing dirty clothes, its about restricting the amount of clothing people have to wear.

“The change needs to be ‘radical’, … [Safia Minney, Founder at People Tree] stressed. ‘We have to reduce production and consumption of fashion by between 75% and 95%. We’re not talking about snipping a bit off.’


“Part of what’s needed is a shift in mindset, explained Javier Goyeneche, Founder and President at ECOALF, a Spanish clothing company that pioneers high-tech new materials made from waste.”

Pictured: The eco-friendly clothing utopia proposed by the World Economic Forum.

     Wear your unwashed garbage jumpsuit peasants.

     A little mood music:

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