Vulva Owners And The De-gendering Of Biology

      The woke madness of transgender ideology demands that we “de-gender” body parts unique to each sex in order to further the flights of fancy that one can be a “man” or a “woman” not only as it regardless of one’s biological sex but as it regards the existence of biological sex at all to the point of denigrating it to simply body parts that one may or may not have regardless of whether they are a “man” or a “woman”.

      But some scientifically accurate terms such as “vagina” and “penis” are so associated with the female and male sexes, respectively, that not even using those terms to describe people can be allowed, and even greater euphemisms of inanity are invented such as “birthing people” or “menstruators”. But now we have a new eupemism which is quickly becoming widespread: “Vulva Owners”.

      The article in question from “healthline” even uses the radical feminist term “penis in vagina” (e.g. “PIV”) to describe normal sexual intercourse, amongst other insanities from that website.

      But that’s just one website, right?


      This is like using euphemisms with children because they are too young and immature to understand… which also describes the people who are peddling these delusions as well as their victims.

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