The Challenge Of Marxism

     The beliefs of the far Left are becoming less mere academic flippancy and more concrete proposals to fundamentally transform America to the point of annihilation. If you want to defeat this assault on freedom under the law, then it is important to understand the philosophical underpinnings, and groan-worthy as they may be, and to not only treat it as the real threat it is, but also be able to undermine their undermining.

     The core tenets of Marxism, both its fantasy as well as its presumptions and dishonest cribbing of others, are necessary to understand if we are to counter its already systemic influence and power. An article at Quillete by Yoram Hazony might start as a brief primer.

“We can describe Marx’s political framework as follows:

“1. Oppressor and oppressed

Marx argues that, as an empirical matter, people invariably form themselves into cohesive groups (he calls them classes), which exploit one another to the extent they are able. A liberal political order is no different in this from any other, and it tends toward two classes, one of which owns and controls pretty much everything (the oppressor); while the other is exploited, and the fruit of its labor appropriated, so that it does not advance and, in fact, remains forever enslaved (the oppressed). In addition, Marx sees the state itself, its laws and its mechanisms of enforcement, as a tool that the oppressor class uses to keep the regime of oppression in place and to assist in carrying out this work.

“2. False consciousness

Marx recognizes that the liberal businessmen, politicians, lawyers, and intellectuals who keep this system in place are unaware that they are the oppressors, and that what they think of as progress has only established new conditions of oppression. Indeed, even the working class may not know that they are exploited and oppressed. This is because they all think in terms of liberal categories (e.g., the individual’s right to freely sell his labor) which obscure the systematic oppression that is taking place. This ignorance of the fact that one is an oppressor or oppressed is called the ruling ideology (Engels later coined the phrase false consciousness to describe it), and it is only overcome when one is awakened to what is happening and learns to recognize reality using true categories.

“3. Revolutionary reconstitution of society

Marx suggests that, historically, oppressed classes have materially improved their conditions only through a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large—that is, through the destruction of the oppressor class, and of the social norms and ideas that hold the regime of systematic oppression in place. He even specifies that liberals will supply the oppressed with the tools needed to overthrow them. There is a period of “more or less veiled civil war, raging within existing society, up to the point where that war breaks out into open revolution” and the “violent overthrow” of the liberal oppressors. At this point, the oppressed seize control of the state.

“4. Total disappearance of class antagonisms

Marx promises that after the oppressed underclass takes control of the state, the exploitation of individuals by other individuals will be “put to an end” and the antagonism between classes of individuals will totally disappear. How this is to be done is not specified.”

     Mr. Hazony also discusses this topic via podcast.

     It doesn’t matter if this is nonsense. It only matters if it is being applied today against you—even if you think it’s being applied for you.

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