Equity & Marxism Explained In Cartoon Form

     A core belief of the many of the Orwellianly named “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist” rioters/revolutionaries is that “equality”—not just of opportunity, but also results —is evil because it does not compensate for the “unearned privilege” that White individuals purportedly have, and thus some people need to be discriminated against and others put in a privileged position to the point where an equal and opposite inequality of results “balances out” the “unearned privilege” (which presumable weighs the same as a duck), which apparently also requires abolishing Capitalism.

     This is often, sportingly, illustrated with the following cartoon.

     However, some more truthful versions of this cartoon have been made.

     And as for achieving “equity” by abolishing Capitalism which the Left declares requires “Racism”, nothing is more hierarchical than Communism (especially for the Nomenklatura).

     In reality the free interaction of free individuals, with freedom under the law, it the optimal solution.

     But then even “equity” is just an excuse for some to wield power over others.

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