Wokeism At Work

     Many people are seeing the current madness of Critical Racial Theory, “anti-racist” training/struggle session, and other assorted hyper-racializations happeneing and asking whence this madness came. A Heritage Events podcast over at Ricochet does a very good job of exploring the long history of this and its sub rosa Gramsian march through the institutions that many on the left consider their Fabian moment.

“Following the death of George Floyd, books such as White Fragility rose on bestseller lists and “anti-racist” training programs saw a massive increase in demand in corporate America and governments at all levels, and concepts like ‘unconscious bias’ and ‘internalized racial superiority’ found their way into everyday conversation. What is the origin of Critical Race Theory that informs much of this training and what are its goals? And, will this new form of identity politics truly heal our nation? Join us for a discussion on the pervasive trends that, under the guise of equality, make diversity training in government, corporate America, and schools pernicious, divisive, and destructive.”

     It is highly recommended to anyone who actually wants to understand the enemy.

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