Level 20 Sensitivity Editor Casts Wokeness on D&D

     To those with grievance studies degrees or fancy themselves as “professional privilege heckers” or “racial justice consultants”, we can now add “Sensitivity Editor” for … Dungeons & Dragons!

     If I’m going to spend money on a D&D (or other such game), I’ll spend it on (yet more) polyhedral dice rather than pay a “sensitivity editor”.

     This is also yet another example of a social justice warrior demanding that “White cishet” people educate themselves.


     There’s even a manual being sold “educating” people how to run a more “inclusive” RPG entitles “RPG: Consent in Gaming”. It even contains a “RPG Consent Checklist”. Now, a good Dungeon Master (or Game Master) is likely going to know the person he or she plays with, and will know if someone has a problem with something that something will not be included (such as not having giant spiders when one of the players has arachnophobia), or if they don’t know to simply ask ahead of time if the players have any particular things to avoid; this is just common courtesy. It is another thing, however, for a prospective player to start making demands of the Dungeon Master (DM)/Game Master (GM).

     But this isn’t just some fringe thing. People are being told that they are not welcome to partner or otherwise work with some roleplaying related companies.

     SJWs destroy all fandoms and hobbies, don’t they?

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