Racial Justice Consultant

     The ridiculousness of “gender” studies degrees has been rightly mocked before, especially when they holders of those degrees can’t get a real job.  This mockery readily extends to the various racial and LGBTQ studies programs, as well as the various “critical theory” courses of studies.

     The mockery on the internet included asking if the expected jobs included “patriarchy investigator,”  a “professional privilege checker,” or a “victim complex denial specialist.”  It turns out that these lunatics actually believe in getting jobs just like that!

     A “social justice” for yutes blog goes so far as to declare that rich celebrities need “Racial Justice Consultant”:

     “So just to be clear, we are not in a post-racial society. This means that our media plays into this folly, and clearly there is a need for a new type of celebrity handler to address this misconception. Celebrities already have stylists for clothes and hair, drivers, and umbrella holders (sometimes two, if you’re dating Jennifer Lopez). But what is clearly lacking in celebrity assistant job opportunities is a Racial Justice Consultant. Someone on call 24/7 for every celebrity decision that could be even remotely racially insensitive.”

     Further, just a “Racial Justice Consultant” may not be enough, and sometimes also “a consultant for the intense sexism on which the entire plot-line is predicated on, or a Misogyny Consultant”.

     Yes, there really are such  people who believe that there is a glorious career in enforcing Progressive norms.

     The only way to respond to something that is beyond any and all parody is simply to laugh at them.

     Hat Tip: Charles C. W. Cooke.

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