Academia’s Child Sexuality Field Trips

     It is at this point no surprise that many in academia and education have shifted their interest towards the combinatorial topic of children and sex, such as encouraging public masturbation, encouraging sexual activity at younger and younger ages, encouraging adults to engage in child molestation, and otherwise “liberate” the children.

     Now, a sexuality textbook is encouraging “field trips” to “observe” childhood sexuality as low as pre-school aged… if not younger.

“A college textbook that explores human sexuality suggests that instructors take their students on ‘field trips’ to local preschools and elementary schools to observe possible ‘sexual interactions’ between students there.

“The textbook is part of a course titled ‘Psychology and Sexual Behavior’ offered at the University of North Texas. That course made headlines last week when the news website Big League Politics reported on it, specifically what appeared to be a presentation in the course exploring ‘sexual pleasure and response in infants.'”

Pictured: Typical Academic Specialist in Child Sexuality…

     Sure, it’s all pure academic study…

     A little mood music:

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