The Healthcare Crises Goes Silly

     Is this a sign of how badly healthcare under Obamacare, et al., has degraded? Is it a sign of the degradation of society? Or is it both?

“TriHealth is suing a company known for sexually explicit gag-gifts after receiving one of their products anonymously.

“TriHealth claims the website ‘D—s By Mail’ intentionally or through negligence caused emotional distress to its employees.

“The medical company says phallus-shaped confetti was sent to their White Oak office on Cheviot Road, a family medical practice.


“The medical company says it was sent the “confetti penises” from the website in a spring-loaded package described on the website as a “bomb.”

“The lawsuit states that when these packages are opened, the phallus shaped gummies or confetti shoot out of the package, into the room, and onto the unsuspecting person who opened it.

“TriHealth claims the website intentionally or through negligence caused emotional distress to their employees.”

     This was apparently a service open to anyone, and in this case ordered by someone who the company thinks they’ve dealt with before.

“TriHealth believes this is not the first time John Doe caused harm to its business.

“The company believes the same person anonymously called in a bomb threat to the medical office on Jan. 25.”

     A bomb threat, of course, if far more worthy of police and legal actions, but that this all resulted in… a glittery “d—s” bomb indicates that this is truly a very, very stupid time to be alive…

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