Lights Out In Venezuela

     The joke about what people used in socialist countries before candles being light bulbs when you are living in that “joke“, and all the resultant violence and death that that brings therewith. Worse yet, people can’t even get proper water since water plants are getting shut down due to lack of electricity, with those getting something from the tap not exactly being better off.

     Rather than try to fix things, the Maduro regime is doubling down on blaming everyone else. They’ve detained and expelled foreign journalists, with domestic dissenters under greater threat. Sanctions, not against Venezuela, but of some of the more powerful minions of the regime, likely won’t even help aside from denying the Nomenklatura of a few million here or there.

     This is just part and parcel of Venezuela’s inevitable collapse under a Maduro regime into darkness and isolation. No wonder that embassies are closing and diplomatic staff escaping while they can.

     What can the people do to revolt? Not much, especially with the paramilitary street thugs of the ”Chavista Collective“, whose job was made easier by the regime having already banned civilian ownership of gun in 2012.

     What hope is there, if any?

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