Euthanasia Epidemic in the Netherlands

     The popularity of medical homicide in the Netherlands is well known. However, the sheer numbers of dead Dutchmen due to euthanasia is staggering: ¼ of all deaths in the Netherlands is caused by doctors intentionally killing off their patients!

“As people got used to the new law, the number of Dutch people being euthanised began to rise sharply, from under 2,000 in 2007 to almost 6,600 in 2017. (Around the same number are estimated to have had their euthanasia request turned down as not conforming with the legal requirements.) Also in 2017, some 1,900 Dutch people killed themselves, while the number of people who died under palliative sedation – in theory, succumbing to their illness while cocooned from physical discomfort, but in practice often dying of dehydration while unconscious – hit an astonishing 32,000. Altogether, well over a quarter of all deaths in 2017 in the Netherlands were induced.”

     Even excluding the 1900 Dutch who killed themselves (it is not clear if a doctor was not involved at all), this number is comparable to the number of people killed by guns in the United States for the same year (2017), of 38,600 to 39,733. What’s worse is that the suicides by gun in the United States are about 24,000, is only 60% of the total medical suicides in the Netherlands. When considering the fact that the United States currently has about 18 times the population of the Netherlands, Dutch doctors are nearly 30 times more likely than American guns to be the cause of suicide. Even taking into account all deaths by gun, an American is less than 6% as likely to be killed by a gun than someone from the Netherlands is to be killed by a doctor.

     This means that there is but one choice to save lives in the Netherlands: Band Dutch doctors and replace them with privately owned firearms. It’s for the children, dontchaknow…

     Hat Tip: Hot Air.

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