Euthanasia Is Built On A Lie

     A slippery slope isn’t a fallacy when it happens over and over again, despite promises to the contrary. Oh, it is claimed that just because the promise for euthanasia to only be used on the terminally ill in excruciating pain at the end of their life to “die with dignity” was tosses aside once homicide was normalized as a medical procedure in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada doesn’t mean it’ll happen in the good ole U. S. of A, right?


“[The Oregon Health] Authority very liberally construes the law in its regulatory approach. From ‘Oregon Health Authority Reveals Hidden Problems with the Oregon Assisted Suicide Model […]:

“‘The law is best seen as a permissive law, and states only that patients must have a terminal illness with six months or less to live. It does not compel patients to have exhausted all treatment options first, or to continue current treatment. ‘

“Here’s the thing: Assisted suicide was sold to Oregon voters as exactly the opposite–as a very restricted law that would merely serve as a safety valve when nothing else could be done to alleviate suffering. It was always baloney.”

Death, Rx

     Wouldn’t we know if this was being abused?

     Again, nope.

“[S]everal years ago, a House of Lords commission uncovered that Oregon death bureaucrats destroy all records used to compile their annual reports–meaning that there can be no effective independent inquiry or investigations. The HoL investigators also learned that the oversight agency has no budget or authority to investigate abuses.”

     They lie. They have to lie… at least until it’s too late to stop the all-too-intended consequences.

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