Trump’s Greatest Asset, Redux

     The unhinged Left continue to be Trump’s greatest asset.

     The RNC has previously put together an ad highlighting the willingness of the Left to proudly air their insanity. Since then, the Left has continued to provide fresh new insanity to throw into the mix:

     Yo, falcon, can you hear me now?

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3 Responses to Trump’s Greatest Asset, Redux

  1. The Supreme Court. Man, I cannot express how important the Kavanaugh appointment IS for America. This is EXTREMELY important and I am asking you to please produce more work on this.

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  3. avatar Tom G says:

    Democrat Derangement Syndrome.

    Not Trump, not Bush, not McCain, Romney, nor even Reagan. It’s not the particular Republican of this election cycle.

    Democrats are crazy, with Dem Derangement Syndrome