The Venezuelan Wasteland and the Ignoble Savage

     A trope of the Left is back before the eeevil KKKapitalists of Western Civilization came around, all the peace-loving persons of color were “noble savages” living twig-worshipping idyllic communal lives free from silly things like gender or any concept of self. The Left finally get to see the fruition of getting to the goal via socialism; the result is that the proverbial savage is rather… ignoble.

     Venezuela’s economy has collapsed with its non-elite citizenry being perpatually pulled in by the black hole of socialist dystopia. Food riots are becoming common, starving mobs are beating cattle to death, and otherwise have to steal to live. Children are becoming living skeletons. And where would such children be treated? Clearly not in the socialist healthcare paradise which is about as antithetical to actual healthcare as Judaism is antithetical to National Socialism.

     And in this new wasteland which makes the Mad Max movies seem like utopian dreams, who is the new Lord Humungous?

Meanwhile… in Venezuela.

     None other than de facto El Presidente-for-life Maduro, who has effectively declared Venezuela’s elected Congress illegal and barred any real opposition from the upcoming “elections”.

     Unsurprisingly, Venezuelans are fleeing in increasing numbers from their hellhole wasteland to the point that neighboring Columbia and Brazil are trying to stop the stampede.

     There are only two ways of stopping this, both of which involve bloodshed.

     And all the while, Maduro and his Nomenklatura laugh… for now.

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