News of the Week (February 18th, 2018)


News of the Week for Feb. 18th, 2018


Gun Rights


The Solution to Preventing School Shootings Is Easy, and Many Are Not Going to Like It
It’s tough having to write this article again. Not because it’s horrible having to cover a topic under the worst of circumstances, but because in order to suggest this one has to seemingly put his heart down as so many others are breaking in half in order to turn to cold logic. But in this case, cold logic is going to save lives, and keep hearts whole.

Australian Police: 10% of firearms seized are homemade
The new boss of the Firearms and Organized Crime Squad has revealed that at least 10% of firearms seized by police in NSW are homemade.


Hide the Decline

Environment &
“Green Energy”


New study warns of . . . solar cooling!
Another study shows a “sinking” island is actually growing.

Study: thanks to fracking, we don’t need Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) to meet Paris climate target
From the “thanks to fracking, the biggest driver of lower carbon dioxide emissions has been declining natural gas prices” department.

Californian Democrat Congressman: Bitcoin Needs a Carbon Tax
The mind boggling energy burn required to verify each bitcoin payment or currency transfer is finally attracting the attention of Democrat Party climate advocates.

Overheated claims on global temperature records
Over and over, we are confronted with claims that last month or last year was “the warmest on record.” Each claim is accompanied by dire warnings that the alleged new records portend “unprecedented” chaos for wildlife, humans and planet.



Government in Healthcare


WI Assisted Suicide Bill to Force MD Complicity
US assisted suicide advocates pretend a lot of things.

The Not-So-Precious Truth About the “Precious” NHS
When British Prime Minister Theresa May gave her traditional New Year’s speech on December 31, one line — actually, just one word — jumped out at me. May spoke of the importance of “taking a balanced approach to government spending, so we get our debt falling but can also invest in the things that matter — our schools, our police and our precious NHS.”

New Dutch law makes every adult an organ donor
The Netherlands has passed a controversial new law making everyone a potential organ donor unless they specifically opt out. Similar donation laws already exist in Spain, Belgium and France.

Idaho defies Obamacare — but will feds intervene?
Republicans didn’t get a chance to repeal ObamaCare in 2017, but at least one state has decided to test how far the Trump administration will go in enforcing it. After HHS signaled that states might be able to allow the sale of non-ACA-compliant plans, Idaho decided to take the leap. Now, NPR reports, Blue Cross has launched several new plans tailored to the needs of those who have balked at buying health insurance in the past.


War & Terror


War Could Break Out in the Mideast
All eyes are focused on the Olympics, where a younger generation of naive South Koreans was being seduced over the weekend by the sibling of the Thug of the North. But the bigger story, which we hope will not unfold, at least this week, is in another part of the world, with profound implications beyond that region. More on that, in a moment.

The U.S. Navy Is Funding Lasers and Killing the Railgun
Some $300 million will go to the new projects.

How Congress Can Start Rebuilding the Military Within New Budget Framework
The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 raised the defense budget caps for both 2018 and 2019. For the coming year, the defense budget will be $647 billion, excluding war funds.




Gender Equality Debate Spreads to Westminster Dog Show
“People don’t like to campaign females because they don’t like to jeopardize their breeding program”

Campaign 2018: Pence critic to run for Nevada Controller
Catherine Byrne, a Carson City Democrat and CPA, announced her campaign for Nevada controller last week, making her the first announced challenger to incumbent Republican Ron Knecht.

Here are 7 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Set Loose by Sanctuary City Officials
Sanctuary cities is one of President Trump’s primary targets, and for good reason. Not only do they harbor illegal aliens, and are recruiting zones for gangs like MS-13, they treat illegals with such reverence that, even if convicted of a serious crime, they’ll be released back into society.

AG Jeff Sessions Used The Phrase “Anglo-American” In A Speech And Left Is Freaking Out
Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to the National Association of Sheriff’s Monday and made a comment about the “Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.” He was referring specifically to the history of the office of sheriff.

Trump pitches plan to replace food stamps with food boxes
The Trump administration is proposing to save billions in the coming years by giving low-income families a box of government-picked, nonperishable foods every month instead of food stamps.

Shooting at NSA Complex, Suspect in Custody
Incident took place at the vehicle gate.

Ginsburg: Enshrine in Constitution That Men and Women are ‘Equal in Dignity and in Rights’
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she would like to see language added to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees “equal rights” for women.

Students protest reformed racist’s message of ‘forgiveness’
A group of students has vowed to use “radical demonstration” to pressure Carleton College into accepting a list of diversity-related demands intended to “eradicate systems of oppression.”

Homework assignment for a Texas girl: Draw yourself as a slave
A mother near Austin was outraged by her 12-year-old daughter’s homework assignment: Draw yourself as a slave, then color and write a visualization of what you see around you.

Saying ‘husband/wife’ violates Christian ‘dignity,’ school says
A page on the University of Dayton’s website recommends that students avoid using gendered language, including “husband” and “wife.”

Graffiti Artists Win $6.7 Million From Developer Who Tore Down His Buildings
On Monday, a New York judge awarded $6.7 million to graffiti artists who sued the owner of buildings they defaced because he tore down the buildings.

What Did Comey Tell President Trump about the Steele Dossier?
The Rice email outlines Obama’s strategy to withhold key details of the Russia investigation.

Mom accused of feeding daughter bleach to cure her autism
A mother is being accused by her husband of feeding their child bleach to cure her autism.

Ohio Christian Parents Lose Custody of 17-Year-Old Daughter For Refusing Her Transgender Drugs
An Ohio couple has temporarily lost custody of their 17-year-old daughter after refusing her transgender hormones prescribed by doctors who claim she suffers from gender dysphoria and will commit suicide without the drugs. A judge is expected to rule on her long term custody Friday.

Hamilton College students protest too many “white, upper class, able-bodied males” having lunch at campus pub
“makes women, alongside other LGBTQIA+ and POC members of our community feel inferior, unwelcomed, and outnumbered”

Student paper accuses Harvard Christian group of “homophobia” and “hate” for hosting ex-gay speaker
Group accused of supporting “harmful narrative targeted at LGBTQ+ students”

9 Women Describe Horrific Treatment at the Hands of Their Jailers
In California’s Santa Rita Jail, pregnant inmates were pressured to have abortions, forced to go without food, and made to live in unsanitary conditions, a new lawsuit alleges.

Feminist Accuses English Language Of Being Sexist, Gets Brilliantly Schooled By Linguist
It started off with a premise that, to be fair, deserves discussion and scrutiny. A Tumblr user, who refers to herself as ‘Feminist Chewbacca’ wanted to discover the root causes of patriarchal domination in society, and turned to the English language to investigate the inherent sexism it allegedly contains.

Google memo author shot down by federal labor board
Panel: Damore’s gender-focused memo was “discriminatory, constituted sexual harassment.”

Former prof recounts her ‘escape’ from political correctness
A professor who taught at California State University-East Bay for over 20 years recently published a book detailing how she “escaped” from the culture of political correctness on campus.

Hawaii bill would require background checks for parents who homeschool
Legislation has been introduced in the Hawaii State Senate which, if passed, would require homeschooling parents to undergo background checks.


Economy & Taxes


Trump’s budget will propose cutting $3 trillion, set goal of reducing the debt rather than balancing the budget
President Trump’s second budget will cut $3 trillion in spending over the next 10 years, White House officials indicated Sunday night, but won’t be balanced.

Republicans consider the unthinkable: A gas tax increase to pay for infrastructure
Republicans are weighing whether to raise the federal gas tax. It’s an idea they are prone to hate, but they may need it to pay for President Trump’s infrastructure investment plan.

The GOP Budget Deal Throws Fiscal Sanity Out The Overton Window
President Trump signed a deal to avert a government shutdown for another two years by basically giving the Democrats all the spending they wanted.

Formerly bankrupt California city tests “universal” income for residents
The proposed project is being funded by a private grant

Illegal? Google’s New Chrome Strategy is to Bully the Entire Internet
Google’s Chrome browser is so popular they can now shape the Internet with it. But are they breaking the law?

California’s hidden homeless: Teachers, chefs, nurses and other middle class workers living in cars in parking lots because of the state’s crazy property prices
Hundreds of people are sleeping in parking lots in areas like Santa Barbara




UK unveils extremism blocking tool
The UK government has unveiled a tool it says can accurately detect jihadist content and block it from being viewed.

At age 6, she weighs just over 13 pounds, as hunger plagues Venezuela
Maria del Carmen is 6 years old and weighs 6 kilograms — just over 13 pounds. In her home, eating is no longer routine. Her family is hungry, and it shows.

Migrant roasts dog at migrant welcome center in Italy
It is a medium-sized mestizo dog that ended up on the grid of a Nigerian migrant, inside the Briatico Reception Center.

Top UNICEF children’s rights campaigner – who led UK’s anti-smacking campaign – is jailed for rape of boy, 13, in latest charity sex scandal
Peter Newell was a leading children’s rights campaigner who worked for UNICEF

EU: Hungarian town can’t be European Capital of Culture because there are “too many happy white people”
The EU jury of the European Capital of Culture contest (EKF 2023), said that one of the participating towns is “too white and there are not enough migrants”, Hungarian news website “” reports.

The murder and dismembering of this 18-year-old girl and arrest of a failed asylum seeker has convulsed the Italian elections
Pamela Mastropietro, 18, went missing only to be found dead in a ditch

Hijab compulsory in around 150 UK schools, government too “politically correct” to step in
Around 150 schools have made it compulsory for children to wear the hijab and the government is too politically correct to step in and do anything about it, according to the former head of Ofsted.

Dalhousie only seeking racially visible, Indigenous candidates for senior job
University restricts search for vice-provost student affairs job in effort to be more diverse




The Kinky Queer Intersectional Feminist: Empowerment by Sado-Masochism?
Suz Ellis (@redhotsuz on Twitter) is a Canadian sex blogger who is “currently pursuing a double major in Communications and Multimedia, and hope to one day work within the sexuality industry.” What? You had not previously realized that “sexuality” is now an “industry” in Canada? Welcome to the 21st-century, where every Canadian college girl can aspire to a career in the “sexuality industry” thanks to the empowering influence of feminism.

Time to Break Up the Big Four
Back in July, in this space, I warned about the dangers of the emerging tech monopolies, principally the weaponizing of Amazon via its ownership of the Washington Post.

The Anglo-American Office of Sheriff
Americans’ right to elect their Sheriffs comes from ancient English legal tradition.

The Left Is Conditioning College Students To Hate Free Speech
From canceled classes at Princeton to sobbing undergrads at Stanford, colleges across the country are training students to be intolerant.

Your Homophobia Is a “Direct Threat” of “Potential Violence,” Says Queer Feminist
“Ellie” (@helliebeanz on Twitter) is a 22-year-old university art student in Tampa. She is a self-described “queer” Cuban-American who is “severely mentally ill.” She is “disabled,” and says she has “been professionally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, bipolar type II, and PTSD.” She is into comics, “body positivity, mental health awareness . . . astrology” and, of course, “intersectional feminism.”

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