The Socialist Dictatorship of Venezuela Does What Socialist Dictatorships Do

     …repress and self-destruct, of course.

     Dropping any last pretense that Venezuela cared about the “will of the people” or an semblance of a functioning democracy, opposition parties have been banned.

“Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday that leading opposition parties will be barred from taking part in next year’s presidential vote after they boycotted mayoral polls, in a move set to further consolidate his grip on power.

“That includes the groups of key figures who have led street protests against his rule such as Henrique Capriles, Leopoldo Lopez and others, Mr Maduro told reporters after casting his vote in the municipal polls.

“‘That’s what the National Constituent Assembly set out,'” he said, referring to a controversial Maduro-allied special powers legislature whose legitimacy has been questioned by many in the international community.

“‘If they don’t want elections, what are they doing? What’s the alternative? (Civil) war?’ the president asked, visibly angry.”

     They’d be so lucky to have a civil war, what with their inability to pay their own debts, going so far as to beg for help from China and Russia, even as they are incapable of even paying their own oil workers!

     Unsurprisingly, they are mining the Amazon forest via military assistance. But not even that is enough, they are now considering digital currency as a savior!

     As the government and the economy collapses, the people themselves will work things out… assuming the government lets them.

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