Queering the Census

     Civil liberties to the Left, much like democracy, is but a tram ride to travel upon until they arrive at their immanetized eschaton destination. No clearer example of that can be seen then when it comes to sexuality and gender, specifically the demand that the government breaches privacy to get involved “in the bedroom”: To wit, the demand by some, including Sens. Tom Carper (D-DE) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) who want the Federal government to query every person in the country about their sexual orientation and gender identity (i.e. “SOGI).

     How dare the government violate people’s privacy, it was decried, by forcing itself “into people’s bedroom” by having any say over anyone’s sexuality (or at least to the degree that can be gotten away with), even if it is public and involves government sanction! From this initial excuse for a “right of privacy”, old laws reflecting old values were swept aside by hook or crook to the point where “the right of privacy” has become an anchor to the transformative Left, who now desire to eschew privacy because that now stands in their way of immanetizing their eschaton destination, and thus desire to leave the tram of civil liberties in order to prevent anyone else from gaining freedom from them.

     This is standard operating procedure for the Left, and increasingly one that they are willing to openly embrace.

     Sen. Carper’s letter:

Letter from Senator Carper regarding including "sexual orientation and gender identity (GOBI)" in the next… by ThePoliticalHat on Scribd

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